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Necroxia Retro - Donar
Antes de donar debes leer y aceptar los Terminos de Donacion de Necroxia. Si estas de acuerdo con ellos dale click en el boton de abajo.

Donation Terms The ©Necroxia Servers and its staff Will use the donations to afford a server computer and server improvements, so for each donation you make, you are helping us towards a better server for everyone!

We are currently accepting donations via Trialpay, Zong, OXXO, BCP, Wenster Union, National Deposit in Venezuela and National Deposit in Colombia

By donating you agree with our donating terms in the summary below:

  1. We are not responsible for loss or theft of the item(s) ingame, or if the server goes down temporarily or permanently.

  2. All donations are final and non-refundable.

  3. The account, credit card or phone that you donate with is yours or you have permission to donate from it.

  4. We have the right to change this policy or the donation gifts anytime without telling anyone we do so.

  5. You understand that is not a registered charity and any and all donations send are NOT taxdeductible.

  6. You agree that we (the staff) can at any times refuse to give you the Donation Points in exchange for your donation by any reason or by no reason.

  7. You agree that you donate completely on your own risk, and we are not responsible at all for loss of donate money or necroxia coins.

  8. We do not take responsibility of any problems donating may cause whatsoever.

  9. You agree that we are not selling virtual items, and that when you donate, you take the risk(s) involved in donating that may exist. We 100% guarantee you that all donations go for the work and maintance of the server.
If you need help with donations, do ONLY speak to:

- God David
- God Mauricio

Do ONLY give order number, account number and alike to them, and NOONE else! For help regarding donations, feel free to contac us sending a email to and we will try to help you as fast as we can. We will not be able to help you if you give away your order number or account number to anyone that is not listed here.

By donating you also accept that you are giving away every right to take any action, legal or otherwise against anyone or anything related to Necroxia and you understand that a donation is a gift and that you cannot demand us to refund your money. The money we receive from donations will be used to improve our server.

We appreciate all your donations, Thank you.

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