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Necroxia Retro - Personaje
Character Information
Nombre:Stash druid
Profesion:Chaotic Sage
Miembro del Clan:a Member de Destroyer Company
Mundo:Mundo 1
Nickname:Rihay jr
Ultima vez conectado:2020-07-25 17:57:27
Estado de Cuenta:Free
Creado:7 years ago | 2012-11-01 08:07:55
12 Jan 2015, 00:32Killed at Level 306 by Elite Proxy, Almighty Black and Fucking Draw.
2 Jan 2015, 21:34Slain at Level 307 by Apozter, Demowning Warriorx, Fucking Draw, Alexreveng, Zarot Rase and Dios Altisimo.
29 Dec 2014, 14:00Slain at Level 307 by Pallyx Uno, Rhyn Assassin, Razos Style, Sepirotth and Malefica.
29 Dec 2014, 00:49Killed at Level 308 by Lord skir, Demon The Akadian and Knight Daoz.
29 Dec 2014, 00:23Killed at Level 309 by Lord skir and Tohyama Kinji.
29 Dec 2014, 00:10Slain at Level 309 by Knight Daoz, Demon The Akadian, Lord skir, Obscuram Mors and Yordi Wh.
2 Jul 2014, 23:04Slain at Level 310 by Pato Donald, Chacorta, Loco Knight, Mage and Elder Loco.
25 Jun 2014, 20:23Slain at Level 311 by Burbuja, Bellota, Bombom, Jose Luis, Tendo Pally and Tendo Knight.
21 Jun 2014, 23:00Died at Level 312 by a massive water elemental, water elemental and a frost dragon.
21 Jun 2014, 20:44Died at Level 307 by a frost dragon.